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Installation of Halo Water Monitoring Systems by TagIt Technologies

Water Services NZ working in partnership with TagIt Technologies has installed the Halo Water Monitoring Systems (Halo) on the farms of two of our main clients.

Water Services NZ has installed Halo at Tau Ke, Tau Ke Farming Ltd, on Poihipi Road, just North of Taupo.

Tau Ke Farming Ltd, wanted to manage their water system and environmental resource better, to have more efficient use of their farm water and to reduce unnecessary waste.

Water Services NZ installed Halo at Tau Ke in the beginning of May, 2019. Halo provides information electronically to monitor the water flows in the water system. The information is transported to your electronic device so that you are able to monitor your water system remotely. Halo has alerts that indicate a change to the usual water flow patterns in the water system and the location of the alert. This information has helped farm management act faster to find and fix leaks.

The information recorded by Halo, gives farm management a detailed analysis of the use of water in their system, identifies any pressure points, and can help in being more efficient in the delivery of water when needed. This information is stored digitally, to enable farm management to refer back and correlate measurements with current data input.

Water Services NZ technicians have been trained how to interpret the Halo reports and help with any issues the farms have with implementing Halo. Water Services NZ together with TagIt Technologies offers backup support and service to help keep Halo running smoothly.

Water Services NZ has recently installed Halo, on Rangitaiki Station, one of the Pamu Farms of New Zealand.

Rangitaiki Station is a large – scale intensive farming operation. The watering system is extensive and complex due to distance, and has many different features. It has multiple submersible and surfaces pumps, using generator and mains power.

Due to the size of Rangitaiki station, if there is a leak in the water system it can take time for water lines and reservoirs to dry up and the leak to be found, and still more time for the system to refill once the leak has been fixed.

Installing Halo will mean that the water system can be monitored remotely, and allow for better management of the water system and the ability to keep up to stock demand.

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