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Water Services Taupo

Water Services NZ operates with full Health & Safety standards in place.

Service & Maintenance

Water Services NZ offers a callout service and the skill and expertise to keep your system working.

We provide maintenance schedules and have to ability to service all water and effluent systems. We carry spares for water pumps, filtration systems and keep a wide range of fittings to help resolve your issues.

Water Pumps – We can maintain, service, and repair any water pump. We keep parts and loan pumps on hand. The major brands we service are, Lowara, Grundfos, Dab, and Onga. From replacing mechanical seals and motor bearings to impellers and diffusers. We supply pump controllers and switches, we can adjust pressure settings.

Water Bores – Flushing bores on a regular basis can help with pump performance as well as cleaning the screen on your bore to improve water flow. The quality of the bore water will determine the frequency in which this gets done. The team will be able to assist with the initial process and testing, we can then add you to our maintenance schedule. If you need your pump lifted, we have a crane truck in our fleet of vehicles to keep the job efficient.

Water Takes – We offer services to clean river screens, water meters and check valve conditions/operations.

Filtration – Servicing and maintaining all types and brands of filtration systems including, UV Systems, replacing UV bulbs and pre cartridge filters. Replacing media in iron removal and PH correction vessels. We have a maintenance calendar to ensure your system does not get forgotten about. Water Services NZ stock Puretec, Taylor Purification parts and can source any other brand.

Effluent Systems – Due to the hard-wearing nature of effluent you might find your effluent pumps, stirrers, and irrigators wear faster than your standard water equipment. We can remove and service effluent pumps and stirrers. Rebuild travelling irrigators and service leaking hydrants. Some of the key brands we service are Reid & Harrison / Numedic / Williams

Irrigation – From domestic irrigation to commercial and farm irrigation we offer a service to ensure your systems are working efficiently and effectively. Pre-season start-up checks and performance reports. Water Services NZ has accredited Irrigation NZ Performance assessors and can help with system WOFS. Major Brands we support include Zimmatic Centre Pivots, Hunter Irrigation, and Rainbird Irrigation Systems.

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